Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler and 5K

Yankee Homecoming

Yankee Homecoming

And the big news is that the Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler and 5K on Tuesday, July 28th is again part of the NSS Grand Prix. If you weren’t able to run the NE Running Company 10 Miler or you weren’t satisfied with your time, the NSSSSSC has decided to award points for your best time in either 10 miler or for the 5K in the same way we have awarded points for 10M/5K combinations in the past.

And if you run the 10 Miler in Newburyport, don’t forget to indicate on the application that you are running for the North Shore Striders. There is prize money for teams from USATF/NE registered clubs, so indicate that you are a Strider. Members of our teams that win prize money get to split the cash winnings.

And if you are NOT running in Newburyport we need your help in distributing applications to the Nahant Half Marathon/5K on September 27th, 2015.


Member Race Updates

Lauren & Scott are doing the “10th annual Lahey Health 5k Cancer Walk & Run” on 6/27/2015 @ Burlington High school. You can help them out with a donation to their team “HIM Strong – Team Scotty,” which is Scott’s boss’ son’s name who lives in Essex, MA.

Scott’s also scheduled to do the “Take the Lake 5k” on 6/28/2015 in Wakefield & the Harvard Pilgrim “Finish at the 50th” 5k/10k @ Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Mass on 7/3.

North Shore Striders Night

NE Running Company

NE Running Company

…at the New England Running Company Store at 43 Enon Street in North Beverly on Monday, July 13th from 7 PM until 9 PM.

The discount for North Shore Striders on that night will be 20% on all non-sale/non-Garmin items.

In addition to shopping with a 20% discount instead of the usual 10% there will be drinks and snacks and an opportunity to try on samples of the new North Shore Striders warm-up track jackets and pants.

We have selected new jackets and pants from ASICS in Royal Blue (the same color as the new NSS singlets which are currently available from the North Shore Striders for only $20 and which you can also purchase on July 13th) and sporting the new NSS logo which was designed last summer.

Note that prices shown on these web pages are suggested retail but you will only pay $49 for a jacket and $46 for the pants because you are a North Shore Strider .

As an opportunity to try on the new warm-ups we will have the samples available in all sizes on Monday, July 13th as part of the:

North Shore Striders Night
at the New England Running Company Store in North Beverly

on Monday, July 13th from 7 PM until 9 PM!

So write Monday, July 13th from 7 PM-9 PM on your calendars as the date on which you will save big on your running related purchases and your new NSS singlet, track jacket and pants.

NE Running Company 10-Mile Race

June 21, 2015: Recap by Mike Pelletier

NERC 10 Miler

NERC 10 Miler

The prospect of thunder, lightning, and heavy rain deterred all but nine Striders from running the NE Running Company 10-Mile Race on Sunday, June 21, 2015. This 10-Mile Race was the 7th race in the NSS Grand Prix.

For me personally it was the most fun running in the rain since I ran the 1997 Ocean State Marathon, a point-to-point course that started in Narragansett, RI and ran along the coast into the teeth of a major Nor’easter with 20-30 mph winds. In 1997, a cold (47o) drizzle at the start turned into heavy rain from miles 10 to 23, before it lapsed back to a cold drizzle.

On Sunday, the promised thunder and lightning never materialized, but a warm (63o) drizzle at the start turned into steady rain interspersed with very heavy rain and then drenching rain from miles 0.5 to 9, before it lapsed back to drizzle. If you ran in this race, you got as wet as if you jumped fully clothed into a swimming pool and with all that water in our shoes and clothes it felt as if you had put on 20 pounds in the course of the race.

Kate Gage, fresh off of running a Boston qualifying time at the Vermont City Marathon only three weeks before, was first Strider woman and Gary Freedman was first Strider male.  Kate was also 2nd in her age group while Gary and I were first in our respective age groups. Observant Striders will notice that I was the only one in my age group. That’s because nobody else over 70 was dumb enough to run 10 miles in a monsoon.

Rosie, Mariellen, Neil (recovering from a recent kidney stone), Denise and I formed a loose pack, shifting positions within the pack, until Rosie finally pulled ahead for good in the last few miles.

Name Time Place Age Group
Kate Gage 1:15:33 2nd/25 F35-39
Gary Freedman 1:21:19 1st/9 M55-59
Rosie Kyes 1:35:26 8/15 F42-44
Mariellen Hayward 1:36:04 5/8 F55-59
Mike Pelletier 1:36:14 1st/1 M70+
Neil Bernstein 1:36:25 5/7 M60-64
Denise Young 1:37:27 6/8 F55-59
Tom McMahon 1:42:48 6/7 M60-64
Maureen Kelly 1:55:08 12/13 F50-54

Louise Rossetti 22nd Annual 5K Results

Louise Rossetti 22nd Annual 5K Women’s Road Race, June 17, 2015

louise2This was the first Louise Rossetti MEMORIAL race as our friend passed away nearly a year ago – but we remember her presence at last year’s race!  There was a very solid gathering of walkers and runners and we were all urged to think about Louise and her contributions as we ran.

It was a beautiful evening for running – upper 60’s partially cloudy.  It was very (thankfully) different from some past Louise Rossetti races when the temps were in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s with high dew points!  We had a fairly strong number of North Shore Striders running, many styling in our new singlets.  We didn’t let the club down.  Here’s a tally:

  • Vanessa Freedman placed 20th overall, 3rd in a group of 8 in a blazing 23:12.
  • Lauren Hamilton placed 22nd overall, 3rd in a group of 44 in a speedy 23:14.
  • Vanessa Diranian placed 49th overall, 15th in a group of 55 in a fast 25:35.
  • Mariellen Hayward placed 52nd overall, 7th in a group of 44 in a superb 25:54.
  • Eunice Panetta placed 55th overall, 14 in a group of 47, in a wonderful 26:01.
  • Denise Young placed 64th overall, 8th in a group of 44 in a near PR of 26:43.
  • Linda Desjardins placed 69th overall, 1st in a group of 15, in a happy 27:14.
  • Natalia Kay placed 73rd overall, 4th in a group of 13, in a spiffy 27:25.
  • Sarah Shepard placed 79th overall, 25th in a group of 55, under 9’s in 27:40.
  • Marianna Kay placed 89th overall, 7th in a group of 10, in an impressive 28:27.
  • Halyna Kay placed 103rd overall, 33 in a group of 55, in a respectable 29:33.
  • Nancy Giannone placed 166th overall, 9th in a group of 15, in a pleasing 34:48.
  • Nancy Wilson placed 209th overall, 1st in her over 80 age group, in a great 49:01.

The top five women also combined to give the North Shore Striders’ Women’s Team, and the announcer said “to no one’s surprise,” (except ours, honestly), first place!  There was confusion regarding the team members as the post entry didn’t have a spot for a team name and we tried to remedy that after the race and add NSS runners; but now it appears we missed Eunice in the tally and her name is not listed with the women’s team on Cool Running.  We did our best to be inclusive!  Sorry.

The North Shore Striders also had several volunteers representing:  Armand Claveau, Rosie Kyes, and Neil Bernstein.  Our good friend, Roger Perham, was there, as always, snapping photos.  And Dave Jeffska and the New England Running Company were very generous in providing gift certificate awards.

DISCLAIMER:  I apologize if I’ve missed anyone.  I don’t know everyone in the club and tried to go by the membership page and Grand Prix standings to identify Striders.  And I’m unsure on whether there were other volunteers as I had pre-race jitters and post-race amnesia.  Please do add your names in “replies” and feel free to yell at me!

Linda Desjardins

USATF/NE Grand Prix: Hollis 5K Results

NSS SuperVeterans (George Geis, Mike Pelletier, and Armand Claveau) finish 2nd in the USATF/NE 5K New England Championship Race at Hollis, NH.

Grand Prix Event

Grand Prix Event

Male Open: 17/20 Sean M. Kay, Aidan Kay, Dan Forster, Sean Kay, Bill Kobus, George Geis, Mike Pelletier

Male Masters: 12/15 Dan Forster, Bill Kobus, George Geis, Mike Pelletier, Tom McMahon, Armand Claveau

Male Seniors: 8/9 Dan Forster, Bill Kobus, George Geis, Mike Pelletier, Tom McMahon, Armand Claveau

Male Veterans: 5/6 Bill Kobus, George Geis, Mike Pelletier, Tom McMahon, Armand Claveau

Male Super Veterans: 2/3 George Geis, Mike Pelletier, Armand Claveau

Individual Results:

Sean M. Kay 3/21 M1213 19:07
Aidan Kay 7/17 M1415 19:46
Dan Forster 36/100 M5054 20:22
Sean Kay 25/62 M3039 20:41
Bill Kobus 12/35 M6064 21:50
George Geis 7/16 M7074 24:46
Mike Pelletier 9/16 M7074 25:16
Tom McMahon 19/25 M6064 25:42
Natalia Kay 8/31 F1011 25:58
Armand Claveau 15/16 M7074 32:14
Marianna Kay 16/25 F0109 38:38
Cecilia Kay 17/25 F0109 38:49