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10th Annual Marcia Lemkin 5K Race
Sunday, August 26, 2012
by Linda Desjardins

LOWELL - This race to support lung cancer research is a well-organized one, and one the North Shore Striders include in their Grand Prix Series. This year the course was changed, and the consensus is it was a change for the better. The first mile had a lot of initial twists and turns as we meandered down to the Riverwalk. That portion of the race was delightful – a wooden walkway and lots of shade. At its end, we turned right on to the Aiken Street Bridge, then took a right and ran along the treeless, full sun VFW highway, that last mile of the Baystate Marathon. We only needed to retrace part of the route on the return and most agreed they were delighted to see that when we got back up to street level from the Riverwalk, the finish line, rather than being a crooked path to reach, was less than a tenth of a mile straight ahead.

The Striders were well represented and several runners scored some bling. The award-winning men were Dave Sullivan, first and Lanse Stover third in the 50-59 age group. Nice running! Neil Bernstein took gold in the 60-69 age group, and Giuseppe Giannone took second and George Geis third among the 70-79 year-old runners. Good job, guys. Among the women who placed in their age groups were Sue Quimby who took second in a tough 30-39 field, Laurie Callaghan who placed third among women 40-49, Linda Jennings and Linda Desjardins, taking first and second place among women 60-69, and Nancy Wilson who grabbed the gold in the 70-79 age group by sprinting to the finish. Women did great as well.

NSS also had a couple team entries who fared well. The men’s cohort of David Sullivan, Sean Kay, Sean Kay, Lanse Stover and Neil Bernstein placed second in the men’s team category and the top five times of the women’s assembly of Sue Quimby, Rachel Stafford, Laurie Callaghan, Vicky Yee, Alexandra Kay, Linda Desjardins and Mary Stevens combined to earn the women a first place team finish. Kudos to our teams.

Many Striders ran excellent times; and the competition was right there. Several Striders missed the awards platform by the slimmest of margins, for example, Nancy Giannone was in fourth place by 3 seconds. Oh the empathy we all can offer. Who hasn’t been there, done that? Nevertheless, the North Shore Striders, once again, made their presence known.

Onward to Gloucester on Labor Day???

Overall Name Age Group
Time Pace
16David Sullivan1/20 M505920:276:36
25Sean M. Kay4/8 M011221:266:55
31Linda Jennings1/8 F606921:397:00
32Sean Kay9/20 M303921:417:00
34Lanse Stover3/20 M505921:527:04
35Neil Bernstein1/12 M606922:097:09
37Sue Quimby2/25 F303922:187:12
41Rachel Stafford3/25 F303922:417:19
62Thomas McMahon4/12 M606924:177:50
71Laurie Callaghan3/37 F404924:457:59
72Giuseppe Giannone2/8 M709924:468:00
78Vicky Yee8/37 F404925:238:12
80George Geis3/8 M709925:358:15
93Alexandra Kay8/19 F011226:218:30
106Linda Desjardins2/8 F606927:328:53
116Mary Stevens19/37 F404928:119:06
119Armand Claveau10/12 M606928:209:09
122Kevin Counihan12/20 M505928:319:12
124Patricia Clocher4/14 F505928:489:18
131Maureen Kelly24/37 F404930:139:45
137Nancy Giannone4/8 F606930:249:49
138Denise Young5/14 F505931:1810:06
157Joan Dailey10/14 F505932:2810:29
167Natalia Kay15/19 F011233:0710:41
213Nancy Wilson1/2 F709946:2014:57

Full results here.

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