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Backshore 5 Mile Race
by Mike Pelletier
Friday, May 14, 2010

GLOUCESTER, MA - The weather in Gloucester was perfect: temperature in the low 50's, no rain, and a cold but not too strong headwind for the first two miles. Thirty-four Striders took advantage of the weather to run some very good times for a five-mile race so early in the racing season. Veteran runners know how tough it can be to step up to 5 miles after a steady diet of 5Ks. They also know how tough it is to show any speed at this point in the season after only 6 weeks of training under Coach Fernando Braz.

Defying all those caveats was Layce Alves. Layce, Linda Fitzpatrick's daughter, was first Strider woman and first woman overall in the race. New Strider Carl Buxbaum was first Strider male, edging long-time Strider Rich Tabbut by a second.

In age group competition, new Veteran Bonnie Hallinan was first woman 60-69, followed closely by Anita Robboy who was second woman 60-69.

Four other Strider women also placed second in their age groups: Alexandra Kay in the 0-19 category, Sue Quimby in the 30-39 category, Lauren Hamilton in the 40-49 category, and Jayne Sexton in the 50-59 category. Since Layce Alves is only 29, Strider women medaled in every age category except 70+ where there was only one entrant in that category in the entire field.

Finishing just out of the medals was Linda Fitzpatrick who was 4th in the 50-59 category, even though she is at the high end of her age group.

Name Place in Age Group Time
Layce Alves1st Woman30:56
Carl Buxbaum 33:27
Rich Tabbut 33:28
Sean Kay 35:17
Eric Jones 35:56
Sue Quimby2nd Woman 30-3936:01
Lanse Stover 36:20
Neil Bernstein 36:38
Jay Kumar 36:50
Deb Beaulieu 37:06
Lauren Hamilton2nd Woman 40-4937:18
Dennis Ryan 37:34
Kate Gage 38:37
Jane Sexton2nd Woman 50-5939:21
Mike Pelletier 39:58
Mark O'Connor 40:29
Kevin Ferriter 40:47
Linda Fitzpatrick 41:15
Alexandra Kay2nd Woman 0-1941:30
Vicky Yee 41:43
Jessica Martin 42:41
Lee Benton 42:47
Marisol Ficaro 43:19
Kevin Counihan 44:31
Tom Lima 45:14
Bob Holland 45:17
Bonnie Hallinan1st Woman 60-69 45:40
Pattie Lowell 45:47
Anita Robboy2nd Woman 60-6946:17
Betsy O'Brine 46:18
Tom McMahon 47:41
Mary Stevens 48:13
Joan Dailey 53:14
Armand Claveau 54:18

Full results at Cool Running.

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