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Wild Turkey 5 Mile Race
by Mike Pelletier
Thursday, November 26, 2009

SALEM - Twenty-eight Striders toed the starting line on Thanksgiving morning, visions of medals, fleece jackets, and/or eating without guilt dancing before them. They were among almost 1200 runners who milled about in front of the Witch Museum and then set off for a run to Winter Island in the Salem Willows. For most of the throng, the size of the field quickly ended dreams of fast times and it became a three-mile warm-up followed by a long sprint to the finish.

The highest finish in a division was a first to George Geis in the veteran category. Pulling off seconds in a division were John Page, Annajean McMahon, Bonnie Hallinan, and Mike Pelletier who lucked out when all of the fast guys except George Geis went to Andover. Taking thirds in their respective divisions were Rich Tabbut, Neil Bernstein, and Melissa Behl.

In a race within the race, Mario Fagone bested Mike Pelletier by 2 minutes in a competition to see who would run the anchor leg on the Veteran team at the Mill Cities Relay.

Place in Division Name Time
2nd M15-19 John Page 29:51
3rd M50-54 Rich Tabbut 33:57
3rd M55-59 Neil Bernstein 34:33
6th M45-49 Gary Freedman 34:53
3rd F30-34 Melissa Behl 36:32
10th M40-44 Jay Kumar 36:33
11th M40-44 Frank Lanzillo 36:54
7th F15-19 Katelyn Page 38:58
19th M40-44 Mike Page 38:59
10th F30-34 Kate Gage 40:10
28th M35-39 Dennis Ryan 40:14
2nd F55-59 Annajean McMahon 41:03
24th F25-29 Jessica Martin 42:37
1st M65-69 George Geis 42:37
12th F45-49 Vicky Yee 43:03
10th M60-64 Mario Fagone 43:40
2nd M65-69 Mike Pelletier 45:40
2nd F60-64 Bonnie Hallinan 46:14
29th F45-49 Marisol Ficaro 46:21
37th M45-49 Kevin Counihan 46:27
14th F50-54 Betsy O'Brine 46:36
23rd M55-59 Tom Lima 46:41
56th F30-34 Molly Rowe 47:25
42nd F35-39 Marci Omlor Cunningham 48:07
39th F40-44 Karen Vitone 48:08
39th F45-49 Patty Loubris 49:23
5th F60-64 Anne Pelletier 51:50
24th M60-64 Jim Logan 56:36

Full results at Cool Running.

East Boston Savings Bank Challenge 5k/11k
by Mike Pelletier
Sunday, November 1, 2009

PEABODY - Sean Kay and Sue Quimby led the way in the 11 K with Frank Lanzillo in the middle. Joe, Vicky, Aj, and Tom were still recovering from running the Baystate Marathon two weeks ago, but Joe ran full tilt as always and earned second place among men 60+. Vicky and the McMahon twins barely broke a sweat in finishing in a three-way tie on time, but Vicky was left singing, "Why was I born too late?" when the twins scooped up first place trophies in their respective age groups. Joining them on the medal stand was Bob Holland, a surprise second place finisher among senior men, thanks to recent modifications in training. Mario and Armand are dutifully training to run the longer distances in December at the Mill Cities Relay while George works on his speed. The word among the NSS veteran runners is that Mario and Armand are right on target.

11K Results

Name Award Time Pace
Sean Kay 2nd M2039 50:22 7:23
Frank Lanzillo 4th M4049 50:40 7:25
Sue Quimby 3rd F2039 50:43 7:26
Giuseppe Giannone 2nd M60+ 53:16 7:48
Vicky Yee 4th F4049 59:16 8:41
Annajean McMahon 1st F5059 59:16 8:41
Tom McMahon 1st M5059 59:16 8:41
Mario Fagone 5th M60+ 1:04:35 9:27
Bob Holland 2nd M5059 1:05:11 9:23
Armand Claveau 7th M60+ 1:12:06 10:33

Full results at Cool Running.

In the 5K, Rich Tabbut made an auspicious return to the Striders and surged to a second place finish in his age group, only 4 seconds behind the always tough Chip Mann of Greater Lowell. George Geis cruised to second place in his age group, while behind him, Kate Gage, me, and Mary Stevens finished in the worst possible positions: 3rd in an age group when trophies went only two deep. Scott Fraser was really running strong until a side stitch hit him. Steve Kohanski ran well for being in that awkward position of ten years into an age group.

Carol Geis and Nancy Giannone finished dead even and tied in the same age group. Faced with a single 1st place trophy and a single second place trophy for their age group, the two friends have agreed to joint custody of the trophies: one month Carol will have the first-place trophy and Nancy will have the second-place trophy; the next month, they will swap.

5K Results

Name Award Time Pace
Rich Tabbut 2nd M5059 20:38 6:39
George Geis 2nd M60+ 23:58 7:43
Kate Gage 3rd F2039 24:32 7:54
Mike Pelletier 3rd M60+ 27:00 8:42
Mary Stevens 3rd F4049 28:20 9:08
Scott Fraser 12th M4049 34:37 11:09
Steve Kohanski 5th M60+ 35:11 11:20
Carol Geis 1st F60+ 40:24 13:01
Nancy Giannone 1st F60+ 40:24 13:01

Full results at Cool Running.

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