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Newburyport 10 Mile/5K Races
by Mike Pelletier
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NEWBURYPORT - In Newburyport, the months of rain ended on about July 23rd, giving Striders just a few days to acclimatize to the heat. Unfortunately, a few days is not enough, even for this bunch of road warriors.

The first Strider male in the 10 Mile race was master Dean Malerba. The first Strider woman was master Pam Morin who nipped open male Sean Kay by a mere 12 seconds. In her first long race since the Eastern States 20 Miler on March 29, Pam flew through the first 7 miles before fading to 8 minutes per mile for the last two miles.

In age group competition, Joe Giannone was 3rd M 65-69 and Linda Fitzpatrick was 3rd W 55-59.

New Striders John Marotta, Danielle Warren, Rebecca Fahey, and Eunice Panetta all made their debut in the 10 Mile race and ran strong races on a hot and humid night.

Place Name Time Pace
1. Dean Malerba 1:15:49 7:35
2.Gary Freedman1:16:427:41
3.Pam Morin1:17:117:44
4.Sean Kay1:17:237:45
5.Neil Bernstein1:19:237:57
6.Lanse Stover1:20:018:01
7.Sue Besse1:20:398:04
8.David Sullivan1:20:598:06
9.Lauren Hamilton1:21:578:12
10.Frank Lanzillo1:22:238:15
11.Susan Quimby1:22:358:16
12.Jay Kumar1:22:428:17
13.Dennis Ryan1:24:268:27
14.Linda Fitzpatrick1:25:568:36
15.Joe Giannone1:26:288:39
16.George Geis1:28:308:51
17.John Marotta1:29:108:55
18.Vicky Yee1:30:199:02
19.Annajean McMahon1:32:249:15
20.Thomas McMahon1:35:059:31
21.Danielle Warren1:35:429:35
22.Rebecca Fahey1:36:199:38
23.Dave Jefska1:38:049:49
24.Eunice Panetta1:42:3010:15
25.Bob Holland1:47:2610:45
26.Kevin Counihan1:58:5611:54

In the accompanying 5K, senior Tom Lima was first Strider male and master runner Mary Stevens continued her amazing comeback, finishing as first Strider female. Carol Geis finished 2nd W 65-69. New Strider Amanda Gonzales made her debut, cheered on by her husband and four young kids.

Place Name Time Pace
1.Tom Lima26:408:35
2.Mary Stevens29:129:24
3.Mario Fagone31:3610:11
4.Armand Claveau31:4410:13
5.Steve Kohanski35:3711:28
6.Nancy Giannone35:5611:34
7.Carol Geis41:4113:25
8.Amanda Gonzales42:3513:43
9.Nancy Wilson44:4514:25

Full results at Cool Running.

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