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New Bedford Half Marathon
by Linda Fitzpatrick
Sunday, March 15, 2009

NEW BEDFORD, MA - Thirteen Striders headed out to New Bedford for the half marathon and the second race of the USATF/NE Grand Prix series. Joe, Kevin, and I drove to Mike's house where Joe and Mike insisted that I referee while Mike and Joe arm wrestled to determine who was to drive. After a tense struggle, Joe won and opted to drive himself while Mike was made the navigator. Kevin and I became the designated back seat drivers and we headed to Saugus to meet Annajean and Dave Jefska who rode to New Bedford in Annajean's car.

With a great running temperature of the upper forties, partial sun and a mostly flat course, it was a picture-perfect day for the half marathon. I ran with Dave, Mike and Annajean. Predictably, Annajean took off on the seventh mile. For the last six, I had both Mike and Dave on my heels. At the finish, Mike was closing in until I sprinted ahead of him by a mere three seconds.

As usual, Sean K. led the pack with Joe and Tom close behind. Two female Striders, Marisol and Anita, followed by Dave, Kevin and Patrick (a new member) closed the pack.

Name Place in Division Time Pace
Sean Kay83/1501:39:477:37
Annajean McMahon8/251:54:568:45
Joe Giannone8/191:55.238:49
Tom McMahon63/881:59:369:08
Linda Fitzpatrick12/252:00:019:10
Mike Pelletier9/192:00:049:10
Dave Jefska126/1572:00:319:12
Anita Robboy7/132:02:139:20
Marisol Ficaro52/732:10:5610:00
David Ring130/1432:11:4910:04
Kevin Counihan162/1682:18:5910:37
Patrick Herndon168/1682:56:5113:30

USATF/NE Grand Prix Results

Team ResultsPlace/DivisionTime
Female Open (Annajean, Linda, Anita)28/305:56:30
Male Open (Sean, Tom, Mike, Dave, David)27/279:51:47
Female Master (Annajean, Linda, Anita)16/185:56:50
Male Masters (Tom, Mike, Dave, Kevin, Patrick)21/2111:16:01
Female Seniors (Annajean, Linda, Anita)4th5:56:50
Male Seniors (Tom, Mike, Dave)20/206:00:11

Random observations from Mike:

Sean Kay was 3 ½ minutes faster than two years ago. On the other hand, Annajean, Joe, Mike, Dave, David, and Kevin were all slower this year, although Kevin was a mere 32 seconds slower and Annajean was only 43 seconds slower.

The true Ironrunners: Annajean, Linda, Anita, Tom, Mike, and Dave, each of whom ran on three different scoring teams. As the Women's Senior Team, Annajean, Linda, and Anita finished 4th.

Worst complaining from one of the guys: "We were robbed. If the race officials had counted Joe as a member of the Striders, we would have finished higher than the women!"

Full results at Cool Running.

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